a.k.a. how to enter the 3D world and join the fun! :)

In order to be able to enter the Castle TriCon virtual world hosted by Czech Games Edition, HeidelBÄR Games, and Horrible Guild, you'll need to have the following two things:

  1. Your show ticket

  2. Downloaded app launcher on your Windows or Mac computer

A microphone and a webcam are strongly recommended in order to be able to chat with other visitors and play games.

Please note that while you can download the app launcher already, you will only be let into the 3D world
on February 26 and 27 during the opening hours of the show
(starting from 4 PM CET / 11 AM EDT).



After you complete your registration, you should receive your ticket via email – if you do not see the email, double check your spam folders.


From the ticket, you will your ticket's unique code, which you will then write into the app.

App Launcher


In order to access the world, you will need to download our launcher. After you download and launch the app, fill out your ticket's code into the corresponding field as indicated on the screenshots above, and press login.

Remember to insert your code exactly as it's written in the email – meaning in all CAPS.




After you enter the world, you will be able to choose an avatar of your liking, and then, you are good to go! You can move around the world just like in a video game, using WASD keys on your keyboard, or using the arrow keys. You can also fly or dance – press ESC when in the app to see the full control options :)


If you need any help while in the world, find a person in any of the company’s T-shirts – our team will be there to help you.


If you have trouble accessing the world, please, read our FAQ or send us an email at


26–27 February


4 PM–12 AM CET // 11 AM–7 PM EST

(the CGE world stays open till 4 am CET // 11 pm EST)

Please note that while you can download the app launcher already, you will only be let into the 3D world on February 26 and 27 during the opening hours of the show
(starting from 4 PM CET / 11 AM EDT).
World Map


The virtual world is divided into four parts – a central spawn area and three demo areas, each belonging to one of the companies, HeidelBÄR Games, Czech Games Edition, and Horrible Guild.


Take a look at our 3D worlds from high up-top :)


I've downloaded the app but can't log into the 3D world. What should I do?

  • First of all, check that the code you've written while logging in is correct. Remember to write it in all caps, and to write the whole code (which should look like this: XXXX-Y)

  • Make sure that your internet connection is stable.

  • If you're a Mac user, make sure that your OS is up-to-date – if it's older than the current Big Sur version, you might have trouble logging in. If that's true, update your MacOS to the newest version and relaunch the app.

  • Check your firewall and antivirus + antimalware settings (Malwarebytes, etc.) – some software apps are sometimes blocking Castle TriCon's access to the internet, or even removing some files. If this is your case, try whitelisting the app, restore any deleted files, and try relaunching.

  • If your issues still persist, send us an email to, and let us know what your OS version + computer specs are, and we'll do our best to assist you.

I can't find my ticket.

  • Make sure that you're entering the correct email address.

  • Take a look into the spam or trash folders of your email client – sometimes, the ticket confirmation emails end up there.

  • If you still can't find your ticket, go to our registration page and register again to get a new ticket.

I'm in the 3D world but don't know what to do.

  • Don't worry, we've got your back! Just head to the nearest INFO POINT (there's one right in from of the area where you've entered the 3D world) and chat to the person standing there :)

  • If you can't see any info points, walk up to the nearest avatar in one of the branded T-Shirts – look for CGE, HeidelBÄR, or Horrible Guild logos.

  • To walk in the world, use the WASD keys on your keyboard. You can also look around yourself while moving your mouse.

  • For additional info and instructions on how to use the app, press the ESC button when in the app, and read through the menu that appears.

Networking requirements

  • Requires 2-4MBit/s broadband internet connection in total

  • Requires 1-3 MBit/s broadband internet connection for video chat and video streams.