Welcome to CGE's Puzzle Challenge at SPIEL.digital! 

Did you find the answers to our puzzles?
Scroll down and click on the Easy, Medium, or Hard buttons to enter your answers!

We have hidden pieces to three different puzzles within CGE’s virtual 3D booth! If you can figure out the puzzles you will be entered to win one of 10 prizes!


After entering the CGE portal, as you walk around the world (or when flying), you could come across various references of true geek culture, items only true connoisseurs will recognize! But you can also find parts of secret messages, encrypted puzzles tagged with the CGE logo in three colors: Green, Yellow, or Red.


Each of the colors refers to one of 3 unique puzzles and represents the level of difficulty (Green = Easy, Yellow = Medium, Red = Hard). Each correctly solved puzzle will give you one entry into the contest.

It is important to look closely, from all angles and perspectives ... but where? Puzzle pieces can be found anywhere on the CGE islands —except for the sky and clouds. Good luck!

An email address is ONLY allowed to submit one answer per color!

Have you been to the 3D world and have your answers?

Enter One, Two, or all Three of your answers to the puzzles, along with your email address and we will select the lucky winners after SPIEL.digital is over. Each winner will be sent a game of their choice from the CGE portfolio!


  1. Click on the button corresponding to your chosen level of difficulty.

  2. Enter the answer to the puzzle into the password field (all lowercase, no spaces)

  3. If your answer is correct, you will be led to the page where you can fill out your email address.

  4. If your answer is incorrect, you can try entering a different password.

  5. After successfully entering the correct password, fill out your name and email address – make sure your address is correct as we'll be contacting you there in case of a win.

If you have any questions, find a CGE employee in the virtual world, or message us on support@czechgames.com