What's so special about this con?


What ISN'T special?

Seriously though, Castle TriCon takes place in a unique 3D world where you can explore, play new unreleased games from Czech Games Edition, HeidelBÄR Games, and Horrible Guild, and meet with other fellow gamers.



How much does the ticket cost?


It's free. :)



What do I need for attending?


First of all, register on the event site to claim your ticket (it's free). Then, you'll need to download and unpack the application – please, see the access instructions page on this website for more info.


From a technical standpoint, Windows or Mac computer with an internet connection and a working microphone are necessary.



What device will I need to join the con?


The whole con will be happening in a unique 3D world. To join it, you will need a Windows or Mac computer, more detailed technical requirements are as follows:

Can I use a phone or a tablet to join the con?


Unfortunately no, only Windows or Mac computers as specified above.


The app launcher tells me that there's a new version of the app available – what should I do?


It's okay – we're updating the application daily based in the user experience. Just head back to the download link, download the new launcher, and you're good to go​.


How can I enter the world?


You'll have to log in to the world so keep your e-mail address used for the registration handy, as well as your ticket – for more info, see our access information page.



How can I play the games in the world?


We will be using Tabletopia as our exclusive partner for the show – most of the games will be played using their platform. Some will be using solutions developed in-house (like Codenames Online).



Do I have to have a Tabletopia account?


No, you don't need a Tabletopia account. All you need to do is to register for Castle TriCon. Tabletopia account or registration won't be needed.



Will there be someone explaining the games?


Of course! At each virtual table, there will be a person who will be taking care of you (explaining the game rules to you and walking you through the game).